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In line with our company philosophy, we make every effort to contribute to a global economy that’s healthy, inclusive and sustainable, and which respects the rights and the work of people and can protect the environment. We have obtained organic certification, and we choose materials and packaging that allow us to reduce our environmental impact.


Here’s why to choose organic coffee

Our certified organic coffee is grown on land that has been free from all trace of artificial fertilisers and pesticides for at least five years, and excludes the use of genetically modified organisms. Independent official international bodies check and certify our compliance with rigorous standards, from plant to roasted bean.


Innovative materials that respect the environment

We believe our environmental footprint should be a light as possible; this is why we work with qualified partners to develop ways of using compostable plastics as an alternative to conventional materials. Our Nespresso® compatible capsules are available in a compostable barrier version, using certified 100% compostable materials which also guarantee long and perfect preservation of the product. Our Espresso Point® capsules are also available in a compostable version.


Rational choices for lower environmental impact

We are converting all our packaging to solutions with minimal environmental impact. Our packs of coffee beans and capsules will soon move completely away from their old composition, which combined plastic and aluminium, and towards a new, aluminium-free version which can be recycled and continues to ensure perfect preservation of our blends and capsules. In a similar vein we prioritise maxi formats such as the pack of 16 capsules as an alternative to individual bags, meaning less packaging is used. Last but not least, very soon we will move to recycled cardboard for nearly all our boxes.

And not forgetting that the chain begins with the farmer

When we choose our coffees, we prioritise producers who guarantee respect not only for the planet, but also for human rights and workers; who do not stop at creating value but share it fairly among all participants. We actively collaborate with companies belonging to the world of Fair Trade.

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