50 years of passion for coffee

50 years spent in artisan roasting, respect for the raw material and continuous research. Essential values which even today inspire us with passion and determination.

About us

We have always placed coffee at the centre of our daily work.

From selecting the beans to slow roasting, from the idea of enclosing our wonderful blends in capsules to the organisation of our automatic distribution service: everything we do has the marvellous smell of coffee.


From bean to cup: roasting is an art we’ve perfected over two generations

In addition to being the founder of our company, Sergio Dalla Riva is also and above all an artisan master of coffee. Thanks to his experience, we’ve learned to select the best varieties of raw coffee and roast them slowly using the rotating drum method, which brings out the aromas and guarantees the quality that only artisan roasting can achieve. Even today it is Sergio himself who takes charge of the recipes that make up our blends after roasting.


Our passion for coffee means we offer products to please everyone

With our products and our Europa 93 service, we take our coffees everywhere. Our broad and varied range covers most of the coffee chain, meeting the needs of anyone wishing to enjoy an excellent espresso at home, at work or in the bar.

coffee beans and ground


Capsule machines

Capsule production lines

Sustainable quality

Everything we do is sustainable, from choosing the beans to upholding the rights of workers

We want to contribute to an economic system that’s healthy, inclusive and sustainable, and respects human rights, workers and the environment. To this end, we select coffee grown by companies that can guarantee these standards, and also provide traceability of raw materials, phytosanitary certification and, not least, organic growing methods.